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Best PS3 Game Controller for Phone

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If you are a serious devotee of games and feel the urge of trying every new game available in the gaming market then folks I have great news for you.

If you are tired of tapping your touchscreen phone without giving it a break and making those ugly marks on the screen then how about getting a controller that offers real time gaming experience?

There is a big difference in playing games with a controller and playing it on the phone itself! I believe that there is no age for playing games.

Although I have my office and a family to look upon, I don’t hesitate to take the controller in my hand and start playing my favorite games like the NES games until my fingers get numb!

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Phone Game Controller Samsung

Phone Gaming Controller Samsung

Let me introduce you to GameKlip Controller Mount for Samsung Galaxy S III/IV.

Now this particular product is solely meant for the people owning Samsung Galaxy III or IV.

It has been specially designed to suavely fit on your device. Reviewing this product took me a day as I really wanted to bring out the pros and cons to help my readers get an honest review.

This is just like playing a video game but on your phone that’s it.

The product deters you to use the phone screen to play different games. This is a good thing as I have always noticed marks on the screen which are hard to remove.


Well, this is not the only reason to buy the product. In this article I have presented every little thing about the GameKlip so that you get a clear idea about this product. Keep scrolling and enjoy reading this article!

  • What does the GameKlip Controller actually do?
So, let me elucidate more about this brand. It basically attaches your Android phone to a DS3 (DualShock3) controller. The DS3 controller is normally used for PlayStation3.

This helps you to play games on your smartphone. It offers a full console experience that you will not get it otherwise. Games like Grand Theft Auto III require more concentration and effort if you are using a joystick or your fingers. I have personally played this game for hours and trust me, it is tiring. It is only then I thought to try something that will give me ease and allow me to play games in peace.

Of course, the gaming market is flooded by good and cheap products. It becomes hard to identify or rather bring out the difference between the best and the worst while shopping online.

I wanted to take the risk as I wanted to play in a more comfortable way. Thus, Amazon directed me to buy the GameKlip Controller Mount. I bought the product and it got delivered within two days.

  • Features that would interest you
I was pretty excited to unpack the product and use it instantly.
Get ready to fall in love with the GameKlip!

  • The first thing that relieved me was its design. The product is well-built and it offered a sigh of relief as I was doubtful about its quality. A brand is known for its quality and durability and this is exactly what I saw in this product. With a detailed checking I was sure that this product will go a long way and help me play games without making it bothersome.
  • The product is sturdy. When you attach your phone on it, you will feel that you are holding a mini video game with a console in your hand! The phone fits perfectly. No matter whether you turn the phone upside down or juggle with it, it will stay on the clip forever! So, if you were worried about the phone slipping or falling off the GameKlip then it is an assurance that nothing will happen to your phone, but definitely you will get addicted to playing more games (just like I did)!
  • The product comes with a proprietary cable to connect your phone to the controller directly. This means that you don’t require any adapters or extra software! This eases the gaming experience and does not bother you to get long wired cables.
  • All you need is a Dual Shock 3 controller to get the ultimate mobile gaming experience.
  • Is there any cons?
I would say that the clip in itself is superb. It keeps the edges of your phone scratch free and holds it form. The only thing that I want to highlight is that, not all games can be played with the help of the PS3 controller. Some games might show a glitch. However, the good news is you can still play some of the famous games.
I would also like to say that if you have phones other than Galaxy S III or S IV then don’t take the risk of buying this product. Many people have taken the risk of buying it and fitting it with iPhone or S III mini.

  • What are the customers saying?

This product has got a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 with a total of 22 reviews out of which 12 reviewers have given 5 stars. Most of the customers have said that their gaming experience have enhanced and is the most comfortable clip they have ever played with.

Also, you don’t have to enable Bluetooth on your phone to use the PS3 controller as you are offered with a short USB cable.
This brand has become quite famous and people are trying it as well.

It helps your phone to remain scratch-free and at the same time let you enjoy playing the games.

  • Verdict
I have been using the GameKlip Controller Mount for quite a long time (more than 8 months) and I feel that everyone should use this product. It is worth having it as it keeps your mobile safe and at the same time keeps you away from boredom.

I bought this product from Amazon for $19.08 and I think that it is absolutely a budget-friendly product. Grab it now till the stocks last!

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